Parenting Rules!

By: O'Quinn Ryan

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"Ever been a parent? Ever known a parent? Ever had a parent? This book will slay you! If your kids haven t already. Get ready to discover how only a finely honed sense of humor can help you navigate the most intense, absurd, and (yes) rewarding experience ever invented: parenting. You will realize that despite all of the craziness, at the end of the long, diaper-filled day, parenting rules! You are not alone in the outrageous, befuddling, occasionally humiliating experience of raising small children into larger children and then (hopefully) self-supporting adults. You will Amen! and laugh your way through these pages as comedian Ryan O Quinn tells of real life scenarios that took place in his actual home with actual children. You will gain deep understanding of the rules of parenting such as: At some point you will sit on the toilet with a kid on your lap, Blocks of time can be measured in Cheerios, You will S-P-E-L-L things aloud to other adults when you do not need to, If you have multiple kids, they will fight over [insert any noun], Pregnancy brain never goes away for husbands either."

Title: Parenting Rules!

Author Name: O'Quinn Ryan


ISBN Number: 1424549981

ISBN Number 13: 9781424549986

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