Good News About Marriage

By: Feldhahn Shaunti

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"What most Christians believe-and church leaders repeat-about the divorce rate and marital success among church goers is wrong. Not just wrong, but damaging to marriages and discouraging to millions. The facts will generate buzz, bring hope, and permanently reshape assumptions among the faithful. Best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn marshals over seven years of investigative reporting and research to bust extremely destructive myths about the rate of divorce in the church. In actuality, that divorce rate-commonly assumed to be at 5%, and nearly identical to rates outside the church-is significantly lower. Common assumptions about the low percentage of happy marriages and the high rates of failed relationships among the remarried are also in error. The truth is that marriages are far stronger, far happier, and staying together at much higher rates than most realize. For example, the overall current divorce rate is closer to 35%, the rate of divorce in the church is probably closer to 2%, and the vast majority of marriages (8%) are not just so-so but happy. Common misconceptions to the contrary have injected a sense of futitily among laity and clergy that has been corrosive to relationships and deeply discouraging in the Christian community. The Good News About Marriage offers paradigm-shifting, rigorously-supported information to those who work with couples, and real hope to Christians in a marriage or about to marry."

Title: Good News About Marriage

Author Name: Feldhahn Shaunti


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ISBN Number: 1601425627

ISBN Number 13: 9781601425621

Binding: Hardcover

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